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5 Powerful Healing Stones

Crystals and gemstones - sought after for their beauty and metaphysical properties, renowned and fought over for many moons. They range in color, hardness, tenacity, magnetism, thermal conductivity and fractures found throughout. These traits help determine monetary value and worth. Still some of us are drawn to gemstones and crystals for more salient reasons. Often crystals and gemstones are used for healing, meditation, scrying, rituals, and energy practices such as massage or reiki. Here's a summary of some of the most popular crystals and stones, perhaps some of these metaphysical properties will resonate with you allowing you to hone in on a specific intent.

Clear Quartz - a gemstone typically found in either a point, or in tumbled form. Being clear in color this quartz is often used as a magnifier perfect in conjunction with another stone to amplify your intent. Reiki practitioners will take advantage of the fact that it aligns with every chakra found within the body. Clear Quartz is the perfect choice when needing to obtain clairvoyance, cleansing or healing. The points are sometimes sought after for wand work, where the tumbled versions are more popular as a daily carry in your pocket or hand as a worry stone.

Tigers Eye - Is actually a pseudomorph of compact quartz. (Does anyone else hear “Eye of the Tiger” playing in their head when they speak of tigers eye?). This stone has been associated with protection for ages. Roman soldiers used to wear tigers eye around their necks as a talisman or amulet. It is also said that tigers eye is a favorite of the Egyptian Goddess of War Sekhmet. Tigers eye has been in use for so long that different cultures have firmly attached their many individual meanings. If you find yourself leaning towards this stone it is ideal to associate any intent in order to fulfill your desires.

Amethyst - the violet variety of quartz. It is both crystal and a gemstone. Amethyst is the stone of recovery, said to heal and break bad habits, and is a favorite among those with addictive tendencies. The word “Amethyst” is derived from Greek origin meaning “not to intoxicate”. You can find amethyst in points, in fragmented beautiful pieces of geodes, tumbled & smooth, or faceted within a ring or a charm.

Obsidian - neither a crystal or a gemstone. Obsidian is a beautiful black glass formed when volcanic lava is cooled rapidly. Obsidian is often used for protection against negative or harmful energy. Ideal for work with the root chakra, and grounding.

Hematite - a magnetic gemstone! Used for centuries because of its pull, ability to combine elements, and has been known to assist carriers to stay grounded in reality. Hematite boasts a heavy vibration that even the most critical cannot deny. It will absorb harmful energies, helping to expel them through the root chakra. Promotes relief and feelings of euphoria.

Tips for Choosing a Gemstone or Crystal

When choosing stones, I find that it is important to do this yourself and in-person. Pick up a couple of stones that catch your eye, using your intuition you may find you are drawn to one more so than the other. Following your 'gut' will assist you in choosing the stone(s) you will be working with to achieve your best results.

Tips for Cleansing a Gemstone or Crystal

Soak them in salt water overnight for a true cleanse and charge them under a desired phase of the moon. If you do not have time to soak a stone overnight, you can instead light an incense or smudge it with sage by waving smoke over and around it so long as your intent is clear and firm this should prove sufficient.

*The thoughts and explanations found within this article are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Buddha’s Bazaar*

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