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Moon Cycle Manifestations

To celebrate the launch of our Moon Box kits we decided to share a quick moon manifestation guide. Over one lunar cycle (about a month) the moon visually grows and gets brighter, then it fades again. This is referred to as a moon phase. Every moon phase has different qualities that it is associated with. By using the flow of the moon phases as a guide you can use its influence to help you achieve your goals.

The Phases of the Moon

The New Moon

New Beginning

In the first phase of the moon cycle, the moon is barely able to be seen. The new moon is a great time to gather your thoughts and formulate a plan to plant the seeds for the future you want. This phase is all about a new beginning so it is also an excellent time to end or begin a new relationship, project, or habit.

You will find this to be an ideal time to cleanse your space by smudging, or with incense.

The Waxing Crescent Moon

Set Intentions

At this point, a small part of the right side of the moon is lit while the rest is dark. This phase is best for figuring out what actions you will need to take to achieve your goal. Use this time to send your intentions out into the world and give them a chance to manifest.

The First Quarter Moon

Take Action

During this phase, the right side of the moon is lit and the left half of the moon is dark. Now that you have defined a clear goal and the steps you will need to take to reach it, it is time to leap into action and start working on your to do list. The first quarter moon is the time to get your hand dirty and get the ball rolling.

The Waxing Gibbous Moon

Refine and Hone

The moon is almost completely lit now except for a small part of its left hand side. The momentum is building. The phase can give you a little extra boost of motivation to tie up any loose ends that you may have. Use this time to refine your plan and complete it’s finishing touches.

The Full Moon


The moon is now entirely lit and is at its most powerful. The energy of this moon is associated with manifestation, protection, intuition, and reaching your full potential. The full moon’s influence peaks 14 days after the new moon. This is the time to enjoy the rewards of your effort and intentions during the previous moons.

Waning Gibbous Introspect

After the Full Moon, the moon begins the waning phase during which the moon appears smaller each night until it reaches the New Moon once again. The waning moon is best for removing what you do not want from your life. It is perfect to reflect on your goals to determine what is no longer working, and then removing it from your life.

Third Quarter

Let it go

In this phase the left side of the moon is lit. During the third quarter moon it is a good time to focus on overcoming particularly difficult challenges that you are facing that you need to devote more energy to.

Waning Crescent


The moon is almost completely dark except for a small amount on the left hand side of the moon. This phase gives you the extra encouragement you need to give up what is no longer working in your life like addiction and toxic relationships. This is also a good time to cleanse your space.

The end of the waning crescent moon brings you back to the new moon. The time for clean slates and new beginnings once again.

Follow the phases of the moon as a guide the next time you are faced with a difficult decision and see what it’s like to have everything go your way. Explore zen tools such as incense, candles, crystals, and singing bowls to help you along your moon manifestation journey at Buddha's Bazaar!

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