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Crystals and Gemstones | Chap. 2

Well, hello my lovely crystal hounds! I hope you have been well in the past few weeks...especially with all the crystals that I know you have acquired since we started our journey. Did you miss the last chapter of Crystals and Gemstones? Find it here or start with the Intro. So far we have covered the background on crystal healing, picking stones, and how to cleanse them. Now we can start take a look at specific stones and what they can do for you….let the fun begin! Now everyone looks into stones for different reasons, but I am here to provide a good beginner overview. These are in no particular order, mind you. The Quartz Family Smoky Quartz, known as the Stone of Cooperation, is a very powerful grounding and protection stone. It encourages you to let go of unhelpful thoughts and absorbs negative energies around you, even ones that you have created yourself. Smoky quartz can also cleanse the environment from electromagnetic stress. 

Rose quartz, the Stone of Unconditional Love, also known as the Earth Mother. It is the ultimate crystal for love, attraction, strength, and self-love. Rose Quartz is said to act as the ultimate comfort and heart healing crystal by promoting forgiveness, compassion & resolution. Rose quartz may ease emotional pain. Clear quartz, the Master Healer, is arguably the most adaptable crystal & can be programmed for ANY purpose! Who doesn’t need one stone that can be used for whatever you need?!?! YES PLEASE. It can direct energies and enhance energies of other crystals. Clear quartz assists in clear communication by bringing clarity of mind and clears confusion. It keeps your energy and aura bright and strong while magnifying magickal intentions. Citrine, the Lucky Merchants Stone, is a must have as it does not accumulate negative energy. Not only does it not accumulate, it detoxifies negative energy. On the flip side, it boosts the energy of all other crystals around it. Citrine’s energy is creative, optimistic & prosperous. It has been said to help overcome emotions, anxiety & phobias. Last but not least, my all time favorite…..Amethyst, the stone of Spirituality, contentment and mediation. It is known as the Psychic Powerhouse due to it being such a spiritual stone. It creates a protective shield against negative energy and boosts psychic ability and spiritual power. Providing protection and purification by bringing peace and tranquillity to the home is the reason it is my “go-to” stone. Now that your brains are overloaded with facts, I’m going to let you go digest it all. Come on by your local Buddha’s location & let the Zengineers get you set up right!  Until next week Crystal Hounds...Stay Blessed & Beautiful!

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