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Crystals and Gemstones | Chap. 1

Well hello my beautiful Crystal Hounds! It's good to see your back to continue your crystal journey. I'm sure after a week of research, you have TONS of questions. Hopefully today will give you a little bit more understanding.

So you've decided you have an interest in crystals...where do you begin? There are so many places...too many. We're here to help guide you on your new amazing journey. If you haven't read our intro, check it out here.

1) Know why you want the stones. You have to start by identifying a particular problem or challenge you’re currently facing. Then determine if you need grounding, balance or even protection. Picking out particular stones is the next speed bump in the journey.

2) I am a firm believer that the crystal chooses you! Browse and see what crystals catch your eye. It could be the color, shape or even a distinguishing feature that makes you decide it's coming home with you. Each crystal has a unique vibration or energy. As your stone journey progresses, you'll learn that different shapes and sizes of stones are used for different things. Tumbled stones are great because of the wide range of uses they have. Due to the small and smooth aspect of them, you can hold them in your palms (like Adele, remember?) carry them in your pocket or purse, place them under your pillow, or start your alter. Tumbled stones are a go-to crystal for beginners.

3) Now your crystals are picked...what's next?! It's time to cleanse! Yes, you read that right. Cleanse, like give them a bath...almost literally. Crystals send and receive energy. Once your stones have chosen you, it's time to take them home and clean the slate. Those crystals have been receiving all kinds of energy through their journey to your loving possession. So how do you cleanse said crystals? There are many different ways believed to be the best for cleansing. You'll hear everything from sunlight, moonlight, water, salt and all of these are true and functional. It really all depends on your personal preference. We will go more in depth on this another day. A water cleanse is the most accessible for all. Running them under warm water or soaking in salt water works well. If possible, leave them outside overnight during a full moon. No matter how you cleanse, the most important part about cleansing is putting your stone to work after.

4) Crystals are constantly working and they want to work for you. Consider them "People pleasers". They want a job and it is your task to give them one. What is their job you ask? Whatever your original purpose of needing crystals is. Balance? Protection? Clarity? That's their job! The way to give them orders is to put the intention in the stone. Once you have cleansed your stone, find a calm and quiet place to direct your intentions. Hold each stone, one by one, and speak or think the task into existence. Much like positive affirmations, you must believe when you speak the words. Anything from "Please help me ward off negative energies" to "Promote restful sleep with positive dreams", there are no limits on your requests. 

I hope that I haven't drown you in information, as you've ventured down the "rabbit hole" that is crystals.

See you next week as we start to talk about specific stones and the "must haves" when starting your collection.

Until then Crystal Hounds...Stay Blessed & Beautiful!

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