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CBD Transparency

By now everyone knows at least someone that swears by some form of CBD! Your head hurts? "You need CBD." You’re anxious? "You need some CBD." You have pain in your hip? "You need CBD!" CBD is everywhere and in just about everything. It’s like listing off fireworks – bottle rockets, roman candles, sizzling hot sticks, flaming discos, only it's CBD Oil, CBD Vape, CBD Lotion, CBD Chapstick, CBD Bath Bomb, CBD Water, CBD Gummies, CBD Cartridges, CBD Candy! CBD isn’t going anywhere and almost everyone is starting to put CBD in everything.

Like all innovative and exciting new products, every company wants to try their hand and jump on board with their version of what is hot. We saw this heavily within the vape community – all sorts of different yummy flavors of e-liquid flooded the market and there was heavy competition and choices galore. Some better than others, some fly by night only to drop off the face of the Earth and never be heard from again. This is beginning to happen now with CBD. Only you will find, unlike something simpler like e-liquid, not all CBD is created equal. Not all CBD is actually even “CBD”.

Often in today’s fast paced world, markets quickly flood. It begins to feel as if it is solely the responsibility of the consumer to do their research on not only what method of CBD will work for them, but what brands to trust. What CBD is really CBD and not hempseed oil or something else entirely for that matter? What companies have my best interest in mind? Fortunately there is an answer to all of these important questions – just ask for the lab results, and heavily review the ingredients list! Reputable CBD companies will have easy to find third-party lab results and product packaging that outlines exactly what is in their product line. Reputable companies that carry these products should have these readily available to show you. Please don’t hesitate to ask for them either.

We receive calls daily asking for shelf space from various CBD companies. And, to each of these companies we ask these questions on behalf of our customers. “Can I see your lab results?”, “Is your THC below the legal limit in my state?”, "Where is your hemp sourced from?", "How is it processed?", "What is the full ingredient list?" and “Do you offer full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate?” The CBD section is the leading favorite among our Zengineers because we know how much relief that section is able to provide with those that we’re privileged work with and speak to from day-to-day.

When searching for the correct CBD product in such a saturated market, make it a point to stop in at Buddha’s Bazaar. We are all thoroughly versed in helping you look for the right product for your needs. We welcome all questions and inquiries about what you choose to incorporate in your life, and are happy to help you navigate through many options!

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