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MCT Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil

As CBD grows more popular, so do the different methods of administration and marketing. Let's review two of the most popular forms of suspension for CBD tinctures - MCT and hemp seed oil. Both ingredients are most commonly found in tinctures or sublingual formulas, not in the vape liquid or e-juice variety.

MCT oil -  MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride. This ingredient is usually comprised of two different oils or variations of coconut oil and palm oil. The usage of MCT Oil may be more common than you think, it can be found in supplements, smoothies, and salad dressings for instance. MCT has been anecdotally shown to be able to promote the growth of good bacteria found in the gut, since MCT cells don’t need to be broken down by bile, they are immediately able to be used as a source of energy. This makes it ideal to use as a base for CBD, it has no taste or smell, and it is easily absorbed into the body.  

Hemp seed oil is created utilizing an intricate process of pressing hemp seeds together to extract oil. Hemp seed has been popular for some time and is used in many different products aside from CBD. The oil has a nutty, earthy flavor, and it is high in fatty acids like omega 6, and omega 3. Being rich in protein, vitamin E, and magnesium hemp seed has been added to a variety of health products designed to promote vital skin, hair, and heart. Being derived from the same plant hemp seed oil and CBD makes for a symbiotic pairing. However, ingredient lists showing hemp seed oil, does not make a CBD product full or broad spectrum.


Brands may use a combination of the above in their CBD oils, others will use one or the other. As you can see, each have respective benefits, and each works well as a base for CBD tinctures! Remember, a reputable company will have ingredient lists readily available, so don’t be nervous, ask the questions that may influence your decision when picking out the brand that you think will provide the best results to achieve your goals.

At Buddha’s Bazaar we are here to help you navigate, answer all of questions, and make an educated choice for your unique self!  


Disclaimer: The thoughts and research contained within this article are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Buddha’s Bazaar.

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