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CBD Series | Creating Better Days

Creating Better Days...CBD...get it? Clever name for a clever company! Taking hemp products to a new level, specializing in nano-emulsified CBD products, such as oils, edibles, e-liquid, topicals, and pet products.  

A look at the lineup immediately gives the impression of a natural and holistic approach, understandably so as this is a priority for the Creating Better Days family.


Let's focus for a moment on their nano sublingual oils. What makes this stand out from the many other CBD companies? The secret lies in the step after the subcritical CO2 extraction this procedure is followed by utilizing a nano-emulsification process. Essentially, this step encapsulates the CBD molecules into lipid cells making them much smaller. The smaller cells are more easily absorbed by the body, meaning you will begin to feel the desired effects of the CBD much faster!   

Personal Review: I must also showcase Creating Better Days pet products. I have an old lady doggie named Vayda. Vayda is 13 years young and she has arthritis, which means she is not as full of pep as she once was, she's slow moving in the morning and whiny throughout the day. I decided that I wanted to see if CBD would help her, after speaking with a vet technician, I followed her suggestion and tried out the Nano CBD Mini Dog Bone Treats. I grabbed a bag, and read the back, these treats are chock full of everything you would normally find in a dog treat – like protein, carrots, apples and of course Nano CBD. The serving suggestions were based on weight, so for one 55lb Vayda that would equal a treat and a half. She already knew she was getting a treat – something about the bag, she could tell that these were for her. She happily chomped on the treat, and that day – she didn’t struggle on the stairs of our porch when I took her out or when I brought her in! She was also more tail wagging and less whining. Though she couldn’t vocalize that the treats made her feel better, I feel like her actions showed me that they did. I still give her these treats when I can tell some days seem harder than others for her. Vayda is now on her third bag of the Mini Bones, she's a true fan!   

If you decide to take your CBD experience a step further with Creating Better Days, head on over to your closest Buddha’s Bazaar. The Zengineers would be happy to share what we like about Creating Better Days and our customers experiences to help you choose the right CBD product for you or for your furry friend!



Disclaimer: The thoughts and research contained within this article are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Buddha’s Bazaar.

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