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The World of Sage

Buddha Blogger: Becca

Its pungent smell is the definition of a clean start. Sage has been used in Native American culture for centuries as part of spiritual practice to cleanse a space or person and promote healing and wisdom. The most common use for sage is to cleanse your space and ward away negative energies, this is done by smudging.

Smudging is the act of burning your sage and directing the smoke around your space, or a person to cleanse the area and environment.

How to Burn your Sage? When you are ready to smudge you will need a few things before you begin:

• Sage bundle

• Lighter and or matches

• Abalone Shell or bowl

First - you will want to move around your space and open any doors surrounding the area in which you plan to sage. This will allow the negative energies to escape, but it will also keep your space from clouding with smoke and potentially setting off any smoke detectors.

Next - you will want to take a lighter or match and light the end of your sage bundle. Very similar to lighting an incense stick you will want to blow out and flame that may have started on the bundle and allow the end to continue smolder. There should be a thick smoke coming from the sage.

Once you have the sage bundle burning you can either walk around your space, directing the smoke in areas you want cleansed, or you can place the bundle in the center of a room in an abalone shell or a heat safe bowl and allow the smoke to travel naturally through your space. If you are planning to sage a person, you will want to burn the sage in the same way and move the sage in a circular motion around and over the person.

There are many different ways to smudge, but the most important tip is - during the act of smudging you want to ensure that your intentions are clear and pure. If you are cleansing a space due to negative energies you will want to start with a positive demeanor towards the ritual.


What sage combination is best for you?

Black Sage is used for inner healing, as well as promoting deep sleep and pleasant dreams when used before sleep.

Cedar is fresh, crisp, and woodsy. It’s one of the oldest types of trees on earth and is known for its strong cleansing abilities–similar to white sage or rosemary.

Desert Sage is a light brown plant with thin, branched leaves. It is used for cleansing, inner strength, and provoking positive thoughts. Desert Sage has a slight peppery scent similar to mint, with a hint of dusty plains smell.

Juniper is another ancient plant with a sweet, but spicy scent that is comparable to the smell of a Christmas tree. It’s used in smudging to bring protection and prosperity.

Mugwort can be used to cleanse energy and remove negativity. It’s said to also have a dream stimulating effect, which is why it is great to use before bed.

Blue Sage is a resilient bush found in the American Southwest. Its scent is not as strong as white sage, making it perfect for those who are overcome by the potent smell of white sage.

Lavender is used to promote peace and enjoy a restful sleep–the ideal tool to naturally help fight depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Add lavender to your smudge for a light and refreshing scent.

Sweetgrass grows wild in the American Great Plains, Sweetgrass has a fresh cut hay and vanilla scent.

It is never a bad time for a fresh start! Sage is one simple and easy step that could bring you clarity, and positive vibes! Find it at Buddha's Bazaar and see for yourself the wonderful benefits of sage!

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