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Buddha's Bazaar encourages you to create your own custom aromatherapy masterpiece. Blend our premium grade, unprocessed carrier oils with your favorite fragrance. Create a calming and stress-free atmosphere with a heavenly lavender scent flowing from your diffuser. If you're looking to energize instead, try eucalyptus or peppermint to invigorate your soul. 


Buddha's Bazaar oil bases are rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. The complete collection is 100% pure with zero additives. Visit your local Buddha's Bazaar to start creating your own natural remedies to soothe chronic pain, ease stress or energize your soul. You can also massage the oils into the skin or pour them into your bath. 


Aloe Vera supports the healing of first and second degree burns, it is approved by the FDA and often recommended by doctors for such use. Buddha's Bazaar Aloe Vera absorbs into the skin four times faster than water, it's non-greasy formula makes it an excellent solution for those with oily or acne prone skin. Aloe Vera can also help heal and prevent stretch marks.


Buddha's Massage Oil is blend is pure grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil. It is fantastic for people with fragrance allergies and our unscented formulation doesn't leave a sticky feeling. If you are looking for a special holistic boost - add Vitamin E or your favorite Buddha brand essential oil. You can even steep dried botanicals such as rose petals in our Massage Oil, it looks beautiful sitting on the windowsill in the sunshine and your patience will pay off.


Smoking a traditional hookah has only grown in popularity over the years. Many connoisseurs are constantly on the search for the best quality hookah and the shisha with the greatest flavor and effect. The zengineers at Buddha’s Bazaar take the time to meticulously select everything from high-end handblown hookahs like Khalil Mamoon to budget friendly starter hookahs like the Mya Petite. When it comes to shisha you’ll find robust traditional blends like Al Fahker and Starbuzz Vintage. If superb flavor is your scene then you will fall in love with many of the flavors offered at Buddha’s by Fumari, Haze and Fantasia.


Buddha’s Bazaar offers a variety of delicious tea blends ranging from rich energizing Oolong to mellow and relaxing herbal blends. Each tea is hand crafted with natural ingredients like mango bits and fresh peppermint leaves. Take your pick from over 20 delectable loose leaf batches and serve it up hot or cold.