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DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

Buddha Blogger: Becca

Clean. Cool. Control.

A vape for you, the connoisseur. A vape that truly gives you full control, with not only the best flavor but the best session experience. The DaVinci IQ2 not only gifts you the ability to customize your dry herb experience through technology generated temperatures and adjustable air flow, but also helps you track your perfect session.


Your IQ2 is built with quality and purity in mind. With medical-grade components this device ensures that no metal or plastic parts make contact with your dry herb. Generating the best flavor from your product. Built with airtight, all ceramic pathways, and glass-lined oven you are guaranteed uncontaminated purity and flavor.


By using the IQ2’s air flow dial, you can now adjust your device to draw easier and enjoy vapor that is 50% cooler than other vaporizers. By reducing your draw resistance, you can experience bigger, and denser vapor.


The newest upgrade in technology from other DaVinci vaporizers, the IQ2 now has an on device and In-App dosage calculation. By inputting your flower potency and the amount of product in your oven, your IQ2 will track and report serving per draw; per session results. By adding a maximum serving per session through the app, your IQ2 will alert you when you have reached your “Perfect Session.”



When opening your IQ2 box for the first time you should see:

• DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer, with upgraded exterior. The new IQ2 is now equip with a brushed aluminum finish and a thicker metal frame.

• Ceramic chamber and lid, used for either dry herb or concentrate. Also includes silicone holding cases for your ceramic pods.

• Flat mouthpiece installed and ready to use, and there is another (extended) mouthpiece in the box. The extended mouthpiece can also be used as a 10mm adapter for your favorite water pipe.

• 10 organic cotton pads for concentrate use, as well as a alumina ceramic puck to heat denser concentrate.

• Alcohol wipes, stainless steel tool, and micro usb charging cable.


How to use

• Grind your favorite dry herb down to a fine consistency, and pack the IQ2 chamber

located at the bottom of the device under your airflow dial. Densely pack the product into the chamber and adjust the pearl to extend and shorten the chamber space. • When using concentrate, you will load your concentrate on either the ceramic puck or organic cotton pads. Load the pad into the ceramic pod and add to chamber in device. Use temperature settings as you would use when using dry herb.

• Click the power button 5 times fast to unlock and activate the device.

• The IQ2 will prompt you to select from one of 4 presets in Smart Path.

When on Smart path mode, the IQ will gradually increase the temperature over an 8 minute session.

Within smart path mode you have 4 different heat settings,

Mode 1: Starts at 350F and increases to 370F

Mode 2: Starts at 370F and increases to 390F

Mode 3: Starts at 390F and increases to 410F

Mode 4: Starts at 410F and increases to 430F

During a session in the Smart path you can do a temp check and switch to Precision mode. By pressing the power button once your IQ will display the current temperature, and from there you can use the up or down arrows and set a precise temperature between 350F-430F for complete control of your session. Your IQ2 will now be operating in Precision Mode.

Other Functions

Boost Mode - Pressing and hold the power button will quickly boost the temperature to the max heat of 430F. You will know your IQ2 is in boost mode when the LEDs show up arrows and display the temperature increasing. When the button is released, the IQ enters a stand-by mode that will cool the device and conserve herb and battery life. You can return to previous mode or set temperature by pressing the up or down button once.

F - C Toggle - Click all three buttons at once to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Factory Reset- Turn the device off, and press all three buttons for ten sections. The IQ2 will vibrate and reset to factory settings.


Cleaning & Maintenance

It is recommended that even 8-12 uses the IQ2 needs a deep-clean which includes cleaning

the “flavor chamber, oven and packing pearl, and bottom latch. Empty the oven after every session and remove any debris with the tool given.

• When performing a deep clean, you will want to remove all parts needing to be cleaned from the device and soak them in ISO alcohol.

• The flavor chamber can be accessed by opening top hinge under the mouth piece and using the tool that is tucked right next to it to remove the cylinder chamber. This is where most of your residue build up will be. Once the flavor chamber is removed you can soak this in solution for up to an hour.

• The packing peal can be removed simply by unscrewing from IQ2 and can also be placed in cleaning solution with flavor chamber.

• All other surfaces that may have residue can be wiped down with alcohol wipes.


Differences between the DaVinci IQ & IQ2

The overall experience from the IQ and IQ2 are very similar in terms of incredible flavor, and button settings. The major differences between the two are slight, but well worth the upgrade. • Ultimate control when using the serving calculator.

• Now capable of vaporizing concentrate products. • Improved flavor chamber design.

• Serving size menu.

• Adjustable airflow. • Brushed body. • 10yr factory warranty ~ not new but always worth mentioning!

For any other questions or tips on how to yours your DaVinci IQ2 you can reference their homepage for a complete breakdown of this device!

The DaVinci IQ2 is available now at all Buddha’s Bazaar locations, join us for the ultimate IQ experience!

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