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CBD Series | Luma

Luma Hemp started with a dream to bring a reputable, amazing brand of CBD to the market that the makers, family, and friends have enjoyed for years. The creators of Luma went to work on beautifully branding their formula of nano-emulsified CBD products in the form of tinctures, edibles, and pet treats.

Luma CBD boasts uplifting tinctures available currently in 4 different flavors – Natural, Peppermint, Strawberry, and Orange. 

Personal Review: I personally love the Natural CBD Tincture to keep in my purse and use when needed. Better yet is mixing 1mL of the Orange CBD Tincture to drink with my green tea! I just stir in my serving, and it adds the smallest hint of delicious citrus flavor. Out of the 250, 500, and 1000MG options I like to take the 500MG. I enjoy it most on a day where I am not doing much but cleaning around the house, and running errands. I feel like it takes the edge off, and boosts my mood so I am able to get things done with just the right amount of zen thrown in. I also feel like taking the tincture in the morning kind of clears my mind, and helps me to focus. The nano-emulsified formula allows the CBD to absorb into the body quicker – this makes such a huge difference compared to other brands I have tried.

The Luma CBD edibles are really yummy.  The flavor selection includes Gummy Worms, Melon Slices, and Peach Rings. Each batch comes in a childproof container with ten convenient servings of 10MG gummies. Edibles like this are great if you don’t like the texture of the sublingual, or you want a longer lasting effect from CBD, with less immediate results than the oil. My sister in law really likes these because they are vegan, and so is she!  

Luma is a great choice for uplifting CBD.  The branding is beautiful, and their products are easier on the wallet than many competitors.  For a great choice that won’t break the bank, give Luma a try next time you visit a Buddha’s Bazaar near you! 

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