Bazaar Gift Guide

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Buddha Blogger: Becca

Tis the season! With the holidays approaching, the Zengineers at Buddha's Bazaar have made gift giving a breeze. It is not only our goal to help you be the best gift giver you can be, but also enjoy a stress free experience. We take all the guess work out, and give you a wide range of options to choose from!

All season long we are offering stellar deals that will not only lighten the high cost of shopping, but also enlighten the mind during such a blissful season! Our Zengineers have pulled together five holiday bundles for you to choose from that we think you will love!

Handpipe Bundle #1 - $39.99 • A hand pipe of your choice worth up to $14.99. • Formula 420 glass cleaner.

• Buddha's Bazaar brand grinder. • Buddha's Bazaar brand lighter. • Buddha's Bazaar brand tea. • Pipe cleaners and pouch.

A perfect bundle for anyone who finds themselves always on the go! We have paired together everything you would need for a quick session you can take with you anywhere.

Handpipe Bundle #2- $19.99

• A hand pipe of your choice worth up to $9.99. • Buddha's Bazaar brand grinder.

• Buddha's Bazaar brand lighter. • Buddha's Bazaar brand tea.

This bundle is must have for all your elite smokers! Our Zengineers have packed this smoker sack with anything and everything you could possibly need for a perfect session!

Hookah Bundle- $29.99

• Compact one-hose hookah. • Al Fakher 50G shisha in your choice of flavor.

• Buddha's Bazaar brand lighter. • Buddha's Bazaar brand tea.

• Three Kings brand coals.

• Charcoal screen.

Whether you enjoy your hookah for party of one, or you are hosting your friends this bundle is perfect! With the perfect sized hookah and shisha flavor to match you are destined to enjoy your down time!